- - As a friend - -

“being blind was powerful, it made me listen”
-the OA

Here is how I think about it: I don’t want to wait to be blind to start listening, I want to use my ears more than I use my tongue.
Although I might appear as a complete retarded person, there is nothing that I value more than having a human connection with another human being. That human connection is established through giving the most valuable thing in life: time. Whether you’re my best friend or just a stranger, please know that I’m always there for you to listen to whatever you want to say.
Feel free to contact me and I will do my best to listen to every single word you say. At the end, we only have each other, right?

- - As a volunteer - -

"Thankfulness consists of deeds, it does not consist of [simply] saying “alhamdulillah” by the tongue.""
-Dr. Mustafa Mahmmud

Thankfully, I have some skills that are not that unique but I want to use them to the max. My skills vary from design in general to web design, wordpress, organizing data, microsoft office, video editing and many other stuff that you can check on my home page.
Now, if you are doing something amazing and you don’t have so much money, I’m more than happy to build a website, design something, help you write something or consider whatever your request for completely $0. Yes. I have done that before and I’m willing to keep it up.
Just contact me and you will make my day!

- - As a freelancer - -

“Anybody who is in freelance work, especially artistically, knows that it comes with all the insecurity and the ups and downs. It's a really frightening life. ”
-tAlessandro Nivola

Just like any other human being, I must make money to live. But it’s not always about money, sometimes it’s about passion. You might be thinking; how can I help you with freelancing even though you’re paying me money? Is that still considered help? Well, yes. It’s right, I’m taking your money, but at that same time, as your friend, I’m going to take less than the market price. But that’s not the only part, I will serve you with passion that you might not find with random freelancers.
I freelance mostly in building wordpress websites and design in general. If you work at a company and your company asked you to hire someone for a task, please know that I’m here to help.




“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.”
- John Lennon

He is the only one I know on this planet who wouldn’t hesitate for a second to tell me that I’m wrong and I need to change something. At first, it might hurt my feelings, make me mad, or think that he is just trying to ruin my life but after I give it a few moments, I always find that he was right and he is trying his best to help me. His name is: Mujtaba; My very honest and dear friend.
Lies won’t get us anywhere; If you want to help me, if you want to do me a big favor, tell me in my face every single thing you think about me and I promise I will try my best to improve myself. Please, I beg you to be completely honest with me. Backbiting is useless, it won’t help me. So say it in my face.


With an impressive brain that never stops learning, Mustafa is a unique tech nerd that I still haven’t seen anyone as smart, passionate and hard-working as him. From an early age, he found what he loves and he worked hard on staying up-to-date with the most recent technologies. But the question is: what makes Mustafa an extremely unique person? Well, it’s his extraordinary desire to teach people every single trick he learns. He is not the kind of person who would keep everything he learns to himself so no one takes his place, instead, Mustafa is a giver with holy values to share his knowledge with the world. Whenever I face a problem with techy stuff, he is always there for me to help me with his unique expertise. I can tell, nobody has shared his knowledge with me as Mustafa. His big heart makes me feel safe that there is someone out there other than my family who has my back. To me, he is more than a friend or a teammate.
If you want to help me, teach me something, share your knowledge. It helps.

- - Support my education - -

“tell the world what you intend to do but first show it" -napoleon hill
I can’t tell you how much I hesitated before adding this part to my website. I’m the kind of very secretive person who shares nothing with the world. Since I don’t like to ask people for help, I had to work really hard to break my ego and admit that without the help of people, I won’t go any further.
Marie, Murtadha, Mujtaba, Yousif and Namma, are the people who made it possible for me to go to college in the United States. They have contributed with their time and money to prove to be some of the most generous people I have ever known. They have contributed a lot that I can’t even know how to give it back to them.
Now, one of the ways you could help me is through supporting my education. There are so many details that you need to know. If you’re interested in supporting my education, please click here

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